Today in “Hidden” History

Today in “Hidden” History is a daily listing of important but little-known events illustrating the range of innovators, contributors, or incidents excluded from formal history lessons or common knowledge. Hidden history is intended not as an exhaustive review, but merely as an illustration of how popular narratives "hide" many matters of fundamental importance. Bookmark this page and check daily to quickly expand your knowledge. Suggest entries for Today in “Hidden” History by clicking the Contact Us link. Entries for June 15:

1877Henry O. Flipper becomes the first Black graduate of West Point Military Academy. Learn more.
1897African American inventor Richard A. Butler wins US patent 584,540 for improvements in train alarms. See the patent.
1920Three falsely-accused young Black men are lynched in Duluth, Minnesota. Two white teenagers, James Sullivan and Irene Tuskan, claim that the night before Mr. Sullivan had been held at gunpoint while six Black circus workers raped Ms. Tuskan. Though a doctor examining Ms. Tuskan found no evidence of assault, six young Black men were arrested and jailed. Newspapers reported the alleged assault and false rumors soon spread that Ms. Tuskan had died from her injuries. A mob of 5,000 to 10,000 white people gathered at the jail and seized three of the arrested Black men: Isaac McGhie, Elmer Jackson, and Elias Clayton. The mob beat and lynched them all, hanging the men from a light pole in downtown Duluth. The Minnesota National Guard arrived the next morning to secure the area and guard the surviving prisoners, but no one was ever arrested or convicted for the lynchings. Learn more.
1921Bessie Coleman becomes the first African American woman to earn an international aviation license. Learn more.

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May 24, 2022 @ 7:00 pm 8:30 pm EDT

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